The Venture Centre Calypso

Click to listen to The Venture Centre Calypso performed by Alexander d’  Great (not the one in the photo), Ladbroke Grove’s own and best known calypsonian.

The Venture Centre (© 2/10/14 Alexander ‘d Great)

Since 1960 this playground
Has served children from all around
This local community hub of RBKC
Open after school each day
Where children can safely play
And parents can chat over a nice cup of tea.
Some fellas said when they were younger
They used to work up such a hunger
That they made a fire of bricks and wood over by the fence
Burgers would be grilled on the fire
To satisfy nature’s desire
Back in the day Health and Safety really did not make sense.

Come to the Venture Centre
You’ll find that when you enter
There is so much to do for adults and children too
We all love the Venture Centre
You will not find one dissenter
And if you are someone new, then welcome to you.

If you need computer access
To increase your chances of success
There is an IT suite registered by UK Online
With tutors to give you a start
And help you get computer smart
Even to the point where you might do some web design.
Glissando Steel Orchestra
Is run by Parris the pan maker
With adults and children all enjoying the playing of Pan
When school is out come along and play
Don’t sit watching TV all day
Because at the Venture Centre we say “yes we can”.

People say it’s life enhancing
The Yoga and Zumba dancing
And other physical and healthy activities
Children doing painting and sewing
Learning to find out where they’re going
With, now and again, a little reprimand, if you please.
So many cultures meet right here
And all of them hold this place dear
A sense of togetherness and a real community
I asked a young girl on a bike
Is there anything here you don’t like?
She said “yes, the boys, they get on my nerves you see”.

Photoshop classes

Classes are due to start on Monday 29th September from 3:30pm—5:30pm . Please register with us if you are interested.

You will also have the opportunity to showcase your work at the end of term exhibition on 4th December.   Come learn and have fun with photography!